Safet Isovic - Mujo kuje (English translation)


Mujo kuje

Mujo kuje konja po mjesecu
Mujo kuje, a majka ga kune
Sine Mujo, živ ti bio majci,
ne kuju se konji po mjesecu
već po danu i žarkome suncu
Mila majko, ne kuni me mlada
znaš kad meni na um padne draga
I ja ne gledam sunca nit' mjeseca
nit' moj doro mraka nit' oblaka
nit' moj doro Drine vode hladne
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English translation

Mujo is forging

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Mujo is shoeing a horse in the moonshine (lit. on moon / is forging a horse)
Mujo is forging, and his mother is cursing him
My son Mujo, you shall be alive for your mother*
you don't shoe a horse in the moonshine
but when it's day and on the hot sun
Dear mother, don't curse me (i'm) young
you know me, when i think about my darling
i don't watch(notice) the sun nor the moon
nor the darkness nor the clouds my ...(don't know the meaning of "doro")
nor the cold water of the Drina my ....
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zoran.kiridzic    Mon, 08/04/2013 - 17:10

DORO is shorten of DORAT
thats a black horse (or dark color)

Doro ti je skraceno od dorat
taman konj, obicno crn

Teeth smile