Nassini El Donia (نسيني الدنيا) (English translation)

English translation

Nassini ad-dunia

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Make me forget the world
Make me forget the world
Melt me darling
And make me tell you the most beautiful things
If a thousand worlds
If a thousand worlds
It wouldn't be possible for me to find a passion like yours
If I tell you I love you
The love would be easy on you
If I'm away from you for a second
I return to missing your eyes
Hold me may you be with me
Cmon let's live the most beautiful days
It was the most beautiful day in my life
A day I never met in my life
I wasn't able to bear without you
I don't think a moment
You found me melting in your love
You took me from everyone
I lived the most beautiful feelings
And I forgot the world with you darling
I raise you from inside me
And this world as my witness
I'm beside you and I love you
I'm not able to forget you darling
I hope the years go on
And I prefer to love you all the way
This I dreamed so often to be with you
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Nassini El Donia (نسيني الدنيا)