Simplu - O secunda (English translation)

English translation

One second

I saw her on the street
(Why didn’t you go to her?)
Wait a little...
(Come on and tell me what happened)
She was so beautiful
(You fell inlove...)
Hmmm, yes... and i didn’t recover.
Every night
I would like to have her close to me
Hold her in my arms
And tell her what i feel
When the sun rises
To love eachother, lost in pajamas.
One second
And it was enough
I saw her
She penetrated my heart,
And i feel happy
Because she’s all that i ever wanted.
(And what are you going to do now?)
You mean what i have already done
I talked to her
She told me that i can call her
(Ever since i have known you, you didn’t do anything like that)
I know, i fell inlove in a minute.
He began to write, he makes rhymes
The heart dictates him, tells him what to write
"I love you, i love you,
I’ll knock down in a second the other competitors"
I gave you a bunch of roses (you told me it’s not enough)
I gave you the love from the sky (but it was gone last summer)
I’ll have my hair done, rasta style (this would be something new)
And maybe a play with Busta (Gimme some more..).
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