Opet (English translation)



Opet prica ista ponavlja se sve
samo rana vise ostaje
Ref. 2x
Opet bi sve bi opet zbog ljubavi nase
i opet k'o ti da sam lomila bi case
opet je srce moje tugom opijeno
jer je opet napusteno
Isto je vreme, isto mesto
onaj isti sto
u tvojoj ruci isto je pice
duplo otrovno
K'o da si proklet, k'o nekad opet
dotak'o ti si dno
opet bi nekog k'o sto si mene, ljubio, ranio
Submitted by velvet_sky on Tue, 23/12/2008 - 15:10
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English translation

The Same Story Again

The same story again, everything is repeating itself
only the hurt remains
Ref. 2x
I would do everything again, everything again for our love
And again if I were like you, i'd break glasses
again my heart is filled with pain
because it has been abandoned again
It's the same time, the same place
that same table
in your hand the same drink
twice as poisonous
It's like you're cursed, like before again
you've reached the bottom
You'd kiss and hurt someone again the way you did to me
Submitted by NPazarka on Tue, 23/12/2008 - 15:10
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