Nino - Pethaino (Πεθαίνω) (English translation)

English translation

I'm dying

one more night without a hug
and what wakes you up looks like loop
(i wish )you were here to tell you again
from the day you left , i don;t live
i die
I die (because) you are away from me
that you see me now like a stranger
without my fault , i die
i die because someone else is hanging you
cause i stay alone in the nights
thoughts make me go crazy
πεθαίνω πεθαίνω πεθαίνω i die i die i die
Empty house , tear for dring
you are in my mind a thought like a knife
i spend one more night without you
but only me knows how i feel
i die
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Pethaino (Πεθαίνω)