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Piccola e fragile

You don't ever try to be honest
Even if you want, say no
How many beautiful baths together and alter in the night
Close, close I shiver a bit
Don't try to deny that tonight
If I insist I will have you
So small and fragile you seem to me
And I'm making a mistakee
So small next to me
And fragile, or not
But you're more strong than I am
The appearance plays against me, I can see
Imagine that you're here with me
You can't be mine, really
But I fly behind you.
So little and fragile
But actually you're stronger than I am
And with the voice that you have you give me this feeling
I fall in love, you're fragile
Quietly you tell me your problems
And after that you laugh and deny
While I need your fresh hands, do you believe?
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Piccola e fragile

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