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Story about Vasa Ladacki

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Do you know the story of Vasa Ladachki (it's a name). I heard it just a while ago
Once he didn't come out of tavern for 9 days,he is said to be of a strange kind
His father was "commoner", 'he fed 7 hungry mouths'.
His mother was blond,quiet,gentle,??????
She died in hers 30-es...
They had a couple of acres of land,little house at the end of alley
On the table there's "always" bread,just as much as it was needed
But Vasa wanted much more...
He wanted "good" horses on the field playfuled
he wanted a golden watch and granges...
he wanted productive fields,rich vineyards
???????????????????????, but he couldn't have them
He loved a beautiful but poor lady,he would "take" her only if he had known:
youy love only once in your life,rich or poor one,
it doesn't choose your mind,it does you heart...
He hoped love will fade.He went from that town forever
He didn't ever write to anybody,he got married with the "rich girl"
the only daughter of some "boss"...
He got "good" horses on the field playfuled
golden watch and granges
he got productive fields,rich vineyards
???????????????????????.ha had it all,but he had nothing
He got drunk,it didn't pass much time,he sold his soul to the devil
he is known to all drunkers,he searched the salvation in the glas
but he couldn't find it...
He was young,they say,when he died,at the centerof tavern,of a heart attack
his head fainted,like he's nappying,like he's sleeping
and they still remember his last words...
It's not worth of "good" horses on the field playfuled,
it's not worth of golden watch and granges...
it's not worth of productive fields,rich vineyards
it's not worth of ????????????....
When I'm not with one that I love,
when I'm not with one that I love
when I'm not with one that I love
Oh,when I'm not with one that I love
Do you know the story about Vasa Ladachki? I heard it just a while ago.
even those similar to him,when they think about everything
they say he was of a strange kind
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Priča o Vasi Ladačkom

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