Que te quería (English translation)

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Que Te Queria

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The flame went out, I don't know
The thrill is gone for us, perhaps
And where does that leave me?
In this colorless world
without any stories to tell you
unable to explain to you.
That today I see you
and even if I try I cannot forget
that you were the one who didn't believe in goodbyes
that I'm still the crazy girl
who would get lost between your sheets
and in the end, I'm not so different
from that idiot who loved you
It doesn't matter how it happened or who
we wanted to drink, without being thirsty.
And where does that leave me
In this world without modesty
Unaware of the signs
That can lead me to finding you.
Who still hopes to see you smile
Who still hopes to be by your side.
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Que te quería

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