Nena - Rette mich (English translation)

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Rette Mich

Nothing in this world is as bad
as an empty hotel room.
At night,
when the loneliness awakens.
Somewhere in strange cities
you dream of past parties
at night,
when the loneliness awakens
Seconds drip from the clock, far and wide, no land in sight.
I drown in boredom,
Help! Help! Help, rescue me! Rescue me! I drown in boredom, rescue me.
Drinks and video cassettes can no longer save me.
It becomes night and the loneliness awakens.
Call me
Come here
Be with me
Rescue me,
because the night stands outside the door
and the loneliness awakens
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Rette mich

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Feonan    Mon, 05/04/2010 - 03:58

we're talkin about rette mich by tokio hotel, right?
if so, those are not the lyrics for rette mich

jacob.hymel.9    Fri, 22/11/2013 - 23:11

This is "Rette mich" by Nena, not by Tokio Hotel.