Den Saakaldte - Samma Skrot, Samma Korn (English translation)

English translation

Same Scrap, Same Grain

Let me show you the world from a whole different perspective
a vision whose edge is sharp as a razor blade
a kingdom whose throne stays forever empty
and its queen is constantly grieving
let me show you the world I've tailored for you
your ego will violently force you
a kingdom whose gallows are dangling headless
but no longer, no. cause it is waiting for you...
nobody else
just you
come to me, you unsuspecting
then I will lead you up to the plain
and with a firm grasp I will tie the end of the rope
that are going to adorn your neck
you look down but then you give in
when I whisper to your ear
that we will all dance tonight
to the sight of your swinging dance
in many aeons I have been waiting
and longed so deep to break your life
and quench your soul, to finally snort your ashes
one rope, one life
two ropes, two lives
hundreds a day,
hundred lives a day
with the goal to reach millions in the end
same scrap
same grain
same life
same death
we will all see someone dangling
we will all see someone die
and we will all see someone disappear
but none of us, wants to be the one who will die
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Samma Skrot, Samma Korn

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