Xavier Naidoo - Seine Straßen (English translation)

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Seine Straßen

You’re having celebrations on the streets
Approved by wrong instances
Are you really still making fun of it?
Are you ready for the last dance?
Your sympathy is kept within reasonable limits
Your eyes are missing every blaze
The death comes even after a few *
Run for your lives, but who can
They are His streets, ever since
His streets from the mountains to the sea
His ways, because the Lord guides His army
And your badly built paths
Make it difficult for the throne wagon
Nobody will bind me to the deathbed
I will clear streets and even ways I will lay open
Until His streets will coil around the highest mountain
no dying and no pain will be over
The times of remission are over
Over are the days, that have been counted
Manage the movement to the aim of the exaltation
for the one, for the one who misses it
Ways, that for us are our streets
Mountains melt underneath His feet...
Superior is He, beyond all measure
You have to search for Him, because maybe it is you
the one He needs, to build His streets
the one He needs to increase His army
We can only (trust) a few, only trust a few
We don't have to wait much longer
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Seine Straßen

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magicmulder    Fri, 04/03/2016 - 13:25

"Are you really still making fun of it?" => "Do you still feel like everything's a joke?" or "Do you still think anything can be made fun of?"

"Your eyes are missing every blaze" => "Your eyes are devoid of any glow"

"The death comes even after a few *" => "Death will come after just a few seasons" (despite being a native speaker, I've never heard "Enzen" before, it might be a derivative of "Lenzen", plural of "Lenz", i.e. "spring").