Sentenced - Cross my heart and hope to die


Cross my heart and hope to die

Since your death
Everything has felt so meaningless and vain
that I've lost the will to live
Love, your death
Ripped my heart right out and since you went away
Life's had nothing more to give
Cross my heart and hope to die
May my end come tonight
Across the dark, into the light
May death again us unite
Love, my fate
Will you wait for me there... where our autumn dawns?
There, beyond the dreary seas
Will you wait?
Will you welcome me into your arms once more?
Where our waters still fall free
refrain (2x)
May it come...
My heart went down with you
At your funeral I was buried, too
My life - it ended with yours
And I... exist no more
Submitted by jaxy on Sun, 04/04/2010 - 09:21



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