Xavier Naidoo - Sie sieht mich einfach nicht (English translation)

English translation

She just doesn’t see me

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When she passes it seems like fireworks
In front of a sky it’s her
I recognize. Only a king can be worth her attention. And I am not at all like a king
She just doesn’t see me
When she dances, then everything dances
Her hips and arms
Everything is illuminated in the light, this day
She has the grace and the purity which other lack
She has everything that I don’t
The closer I get to her
The more clumsy I’ll be
My body, my voice, my face
There are limits/borders that you’ll be able to move
Despite millions of soldier, but our (limit/border) will not be crossed
He has style, is delicate, makes use of gestures so tender. The easy life of this world is his style. He’s very much as well what he tries not to be. But women don’t know about it when he speaks
One can change so much when he’s ready to fight
But not this injustice
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Sie sieht mich einfach nicht

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Guest    Sun, 06/09/2009 - 12:39

Thanks for the translation. I've always wondered what this song was about and now I know :o)