Džej - Slavija (English translation)

  • Artist: Džej (Џеј Рамадановски)
  • Song: Slavija
English translation


I have the means but no company
I have time but nowhere to go
It's hard for me in this town
They tell me, you come from a province
because of you every girl ditches me
Not every girl wants, not every girl wants a newcomer
over these nice suburban guys
Pack your things, you were even lucky
You better go back to where you came from
Slavija, then The Vuk Monument
with no friends nor money nor love
I'm sinking like Titanic
Slavija, border between two worlds
Please, be my, be
at least my last stop
I'm going to the cinema, choosing the last row
letting my imagination and tears flow to infinity
Beside me there's you
the girl of my dreams
But what good does it bring me
when I am from a province
It's not easy to be new in town
why should I also give you false hope
Buy yourself a ticket, leave hastily
You should know that here, they would even steal your soul
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