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Solaar is crying

Fck the Earth , if I die here is my will
Dump ash in the mouths of all our opponents
Discharge them with forehead blows , kick the fake ones coming to engage in private prayer
I want flowers & kids , may my death be used for their future
Maybe they will understand the sense of sacrifice
The difference between values & artifice
I know who will cry & why
You are welcome
There won't be any upstart , only people from the street
People's newspapers won't get anything but persons on minimum wages & illegal immigrants
Some bad cropped suits even though guys wanted to get dressed well
Here lies . MC initials .
A little guy who wanted others' life to be like a poem
& First of all don't get to think there will be 10 , 000 girls
I say that for my family , I haven't turned nasty
They throw me out of Earth . They drop off a few flowers .
Alone under his weeping willow . Solaar is crying .
{ Chorus }
Solaar here's the time
Listen , Solaar is crying
Solaar here's the time
Listen , Solaar is crying
My soul is raising
I see you in tilt-up
It's the ones that are already gone that I'm going to meet
Don't worry , no I'm going to Paradise
Not to parade but to profess the seventh prophecy
I've stand up to masters , to priests , to traitors
To two-faced bastards without cortex still dancing funky jerk
If that's you , bow , walk lowing profile & shut up
Look for an aura or come on , rub yourself out
Excuse me for the harm I've ever done , it was involuntary
I've been a mercenary rather than a missionary
I regret , & to be honest , I wish God whips me
God You are the letter , we must respect You
Archangel , understand me in the name of the Father
Some think I'm exceptionnal , but I haven't done the elementary
The micro is crying , the sheet is crying , the pen is crying
& Under the weeping willow , Solaar is crying .
{ Chorus }
I'm in Heaven . I'm grooving the lands
Looking for fare dodgers in the garden of Eden
I've controled my angels , no hatred & no ennemies
Otherwise I've got the knife & I mark the start of murder in Paradise
I've acted weak everytime someone provoked me
Contemplative & ordered , I've forgiven without forgiving
But I wasn't a hero , only a guy made of bones & water
Now I am a soul gliding , lost & penless
Eden exterminator , Angel exterminator
Matador bouncer of the Divine exterminator
Make sure that I have fun with angels in scorn
& He immediately sends me to flames & then to muck
500 ONE + 165. 111 x 6
The Antichrist's bar code
I see porks & wild boars , fire & blood mixed
I'm praying because I'm afraid . Satan is laughing . Solaar is crying .
No , why me , it's a mistake , keep me , I'm noble-hearted
Stop heating up , I spit on Belzebuth
I will keep my faith & I've got the uppercut
Why this blame , why these flames , why this roaster burning us out ?
This Satan's donkey is gliding upon our souls , he lives thanks to fire , will perish thanks to flame-thrower
Lancelot from the Lake , double A of the Graal , rabbies , priests , imams , pray , help me
Why me , why this karma , " zarma " ( Arabic : " I mean " )
I've worn the Cross & even Fatma's hand
I'm like a desesperate gladiator , sent to hell for a commando misson
Lucifer , don't you see God is powerful
If we are united we will send you touch death
Solaar is crying & his tears put out the fire , free the souls , bring Abraham to life again
The Devil is dying . Let's unit our forces
Great architect Bouddha , Theresa let's thrust out our chests
Pray , help me , he's staggering , he's limping , he's burning , he's steaming , he has only one paw now
I see he's suffering , I see he's yelling
He has made the Evil & it's the Evil that's burning him
The Good soaks in the Apocalypse Beast
Like driven by a propelly so his aura slips away
Rael , Ezechiel are coming with light to convince the Supreme Evil
The Evil yells , I hear it yelling , flowers are growing , the Devil is burned-out
He's imploding , he's bursting & from the antimatter , bruises are shooting out
Satan is dead , the Good is born again
Earth as a new Paradise ; when ?
We no longer know how to do , we no longer know what to do ,
Hell is on Earth & who runs it , Lucifer .
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Solaar pleure

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maëlstrommaëlstrom    Sat, 15/01/2011 - 18:25

No, I really think it doesn't. This word is frequently used by the French youth and it does come from Arabic. The translator wasn't very explicit by writing "I mean". This is indeed what that interjection expresses, but it's not used not in the sense of "I'm trying to say"; we say it as in "Seriously?" or "Incredible...".
Ex: "Zarma, il a mis un pull en laine avec un jogging..."
= "Seriously? / I mean, he's wearing a woolen pullover with jogging bottoms -_-"
Hope this helps.

AkhoriusAkhorius    Fri, 20/07/2018 - 23:47

verse 1 :
"On me jette de la Terre." (They throw me out of Earth .)

I think it is a word game
- Out of Earth, to the paradise (next verse)
- Some peope throw me some dirt/soil (i don't know the exact english name, i mean the material, sorry for my bad english). About the tradition of throw dirt on the coffin during a funeral

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