Killerpilze - Stubenrocker (English translation)

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Parlour rocker

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you're only alone
you dont know why
with a guitar on your bed
your lyrics are hidden in the locker
why dont you play when I ask you to?
Show your song, so this will be your day!
youre a parlour rocker
and im singing here for you
dont you want to be a star?
come out again
and play a tune for me
id love to hear something from you
when you look out of the window?
outside you hear cool riffs
played by 3 million kids
just come with my and dont be ashamed
grab your guitar
show your true colours
Chorus (2x)
now youre here and its cool what youre singing
dont you hear your song playing in the radio?
the world has been looking for you
for a moment youre a star
they all cheer at you and you realise:
you feel pretty great and everything gets blurred in the room
you open your eyes
live your dream
till all eternity you sit home alone
when will you come out again?
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