Najwa Karam - Tahamouny (تهموني) (English translation)


Tahamouny (تهموني)

اتهموني بغرامه بغرامي اتهموه
اتهموني.. واتهموه
خطبوني وخطبوه جوزوني وجوزه
جوزوني.. وجوزوه
وانا عمري ما شفته
ولا مرة سمعته
لكن على حبه فوقوني وفوّقوه
فوّقوني.. وفوّقوه
قالوا ياما قالوا اخبار
قالوا شعل قلبي غمار
قالوا ياما فيه اسرار
بين عيونه وعيوني
قالوا وين ما يكون بكون
قالوا على قلبي بهون
قالوا عاشقني بجنون
جنونه لابق لجنوني
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English translation


they accused me with his love, with my love he accused him
they accused me and they accused him
they made me engaged to him and him to me, and they made me married to him and him to me
they made me married to him and him to me
and in my whole life I haven't ever seen him
and I haven't heard him ever
but on his love they've awaken me and him
they've awaken me and him
they've said so many news(gossip)
they've said that he burned my heart with trouble
they've said oh how many secrets there are
between his eyes and mine
they've said wherever he is I am
they've said that my heart is not important to (meaning I don't care about the suffering) (2nd meaning: that I don't care about him, which is irrelevant here)
they've said that he's crazy about me
his insanity matches mine
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