Talihsiz Bir Sevda (English translation)

English translation

An Unlucky Love

The moment I saw you
I felt a pain inside me suddenly
Suddenly storms blew inside my heart
Before I realized what happened
I saw someone in your arm
At that moment I understood that you don't love at all
Suddenly my hopes ended
I suffered
I complained because of my pain
I prayed to my God because of my pain
In order to take my life
I want to scream, shout for my desperation from inside
I regret for my loneliness in this road where I set off without thinking
I loved you so much that
My pains doesn't stop at all
No matter what happens in this love
I will never surrender
Difficult...Very difficult to accept and leave
To start again and love is unlucky for this love too
Difficult, very difficult to end everything in one go
To bury this love, my love to deep
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Talihsiz Bir Sevda

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