Teuvo, Maanteiden Kuningas (English translation)

English translation

Teuvo, the King of the Roadways

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The street of the home city was a sandy road
Here the Anglia turned on its roof
Maybe the traffic sign is still aslant
It was buckled by an error in the control
After I had flew trough the glass from the front seat
I rolled along the berm
When I spitted my teeth away on the base of the ditch
I chucked blood and cried
On this face a scar would look good
ib]And the teeth can be replaced[/i]
But my driving card and the signs of Anglia were taken by the police
It makes harm to the hobby
I'd want to become a rally driver
It's useless for mothers to advice the hero boys
Nobody can win the rally if he fears
The winner boy Teuvo will be celebrated at the finish
In the weekend when I looked for a car
I borrowed Sierra from neighbor
When I crashed against a lorry in speedway
Maybe I crashed my last time
Teuvo, [please] give us a ride
Teuvo, your Anglia was sold
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Teuvo, Maanteiden Kuningas

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