Die Prinzen - Wer Ist Sigmund Jähn? (English translation)

English translation

Wer Ist Sigmund Jahn?

Who is Sigmund Jahn?
who, who....
it was really lovely in space
I think back on it fondly
it was really long ago
this feeling – the big happiness
this song is one of the sounds
for unknown cosmonauts
we would unwillingly do without
a monument to him is erected
which stands in full splendour
in Morgenrote - Rautenkranz
send us a cheque
it's for a good purpose
thank you very much
for the concern
I accept the cheque with thanks
it was really lovely
Submitted by Aram on Thu, 09/10/2008 - 21:00

Wer Ist Sigmund Jähn?