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It Was His Love For Me lyrics

  • Artist: Norman J. Clayton
  • Translations: Spanish

It Was His Love For Me

1. It was his love for me
That nailed him to the tree
To die in agony for all my sin.
For my own guilt and blame
The great Redeemer came,
Willing to bear the shame
Of all my sin.
Oh, what a Savior is mine,
In him God’s mercies combine;
His love can never decline,
And he loves me.
2. To Calvary’s hill one day
The Lord was led away;
None else the price could pay
For all my sin.
He on the cross was slain,
Yielding his life in pain;
He felt the bitter stain
Of all my sin.
3. Was ever love so strong,
Was ever crime so wrong,
When Jesus suffered long
For all my sin?
He saw my greatest need,
Became my Friend indeed,
Through him I have been freed
Of all my sin.
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