Xtreme - Her Broken Heart


Her Broken Heart

1St Verse
I know that he broke your heart, that fool man didn't know how to love you
He never loved you and he showed it, I warn you that this could hapend
Don't think that your life is finished, although is difficult try to forget
Forget that one day you loved him, with the time you could erase all the memories
Love is very beautiful, don´t make the mistake
of not loving again
Don't allow you to conquer by this unfaithful man
show him that you are stronger that him
Is not too easy I know, but you need to understand, is the only thing that you have to do
2nd Verse
Danny D... Don't be afraid to the love
Don't lose the control only for a wickedness
What he made you, don't have forgiveness
but you need to accept that this is not the worst
Don't think that all the mans are the same
that if you love again,you will fail
You should give you another chance in the love
I pray you, don't close your heart
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