Özer Atik - Yok Boyle Bir Sey (English translation)

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How many days, my eyes are sleepless.
At nights, I sleep to you instead of sleeping.
How many springs,( the season) my heart is deprived of love.
I love you instead of loving myself.
believe that it's not too much for you.
What kind of winds blew me away.
I stand to(I faced) boreas, northeast wind, black mournings.
What kind of loves consumed me.
I heard so many songs, stories, lies.
I was always like this. This was who I was.
I wasn't enough only for you.
You're an angel who's fallen on the Earth by losing its way.
You say to me 'don't love me'
It's impossible.
You're fooling yourself if you're thinking
that I will give you up.
Can I give up? It's impossible.
Whatever it is, You say it will be gone anyway.
No my dear, It won't be gone, my heart won't be gone.
Because of you're in it(her/his heart), my heart won't give up, darling.
It's impossible.
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Yok Boyle Bir Sey

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