Я свободен (Ya svoboden) (English translation)

  • Artist: Kipelov (Кипелов)
  • Also performed by: Aria
  • Song: Я свободен (Ya svoboden) 49 translations
  • Translations: Arabic, Belarusian, Bulgarian #1, #2, Croatian, Czech, Dutch #1, #2, English #1 40 more
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At last I’m free

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The silence is above me
The sky full of rain
and this rain is piercing me out
but there’s no pain anymore
At the time when stars had whisper
We have burnt our last connection
Suddenly everything falls down to hellhole
And freedom I will gain
Without evil and goodness
My soul was like that blade runner
I could be with you
and forget about whole world
I could be loving you
but it’s just a game
With help of noise of wind behind
I’ll get over your (forget) voice
I’ll get over those human love
which burn’s us out to ashes
and I was crazy about you…
Now there’s no place for you in my soul
Припев: Chorus
At last I’m free - like that bird flies in the sky
At last I’m free – I forgot the fear inside
At last I’m free – like that wind-wildly
At last I’m free – not in my dream but in realty
The silence is above me
The sky full of fire
and this fire is piercing me out
And here I’m free again
I am free of love, of animosity and of that people talking
Free of fate
of that bondage which held me down
of evil and goodness…
Now there’s no place for you in my soul
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Я свободен (Ya svoboden)

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