Zivim za to (English translation)

English translation

I Live For That

Let it hurt you, (let) may you be sorry
and may it be to you like how it is to me (may you go through the same pain as I'm going through)
let others judge all of your cheatings
when I'm not here
I'm living for that, that you'll love like me
that you'll find the bottom in a night without sleep
that she won't love you, that she'll take everything
when you'll fall asleep that she'll cheat on you with half the town
I'm living for that, that you'll suffer because of her
you would at least know how it's for me
May she lie to you, may she cheat on you
and break your heart day after day
and may everybody know, besides you
that she's unfaithful
I didn't succeed to hold on to you
that's because I've loved you madly
someone other and more worse than me
worse than me
will seduce your soul, steal your heart
destroy your dreams
Submitted by NPazarka on Thu, 10/01/2008 - 22:00

Zivim za to

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