Rammstein - Zwitter (English translation)

English translation


I stole a kiss from her
She wanted to get it back
I did not let go of her anymore
We melted into one being
That’s what I wanted
I am a beautiful hermaphrodite
Two souls in my breast
Two sexes one lust
Hermaphrodite (I used „hermaphrodite“ for both, Zwitter and Zweigeschlecht, it’s just a different expression for the same thing)
I pass the day differently
I am the most beautiful person of all
I see wonderful things
I did not even recognize them before
I can delight myself every day
I can send myself roses
There’s no second or no third (person)
One and one equals (or "is equal")
I am so in love
I fell for myself
One for me
One for you
Does not exist for me
I am alone yet not alone
I can be with me
Early I kiss my reflection
And go to sleep with myself in the evening
While the other girls searched (for a partner)
I could inseminate myself
So I did not fall into despair
When one said to me „F*** you“
Submitted by Steena on Thu, 09/10/2008 - 21:00