Burcu Güneş - Aşkın Beni Baştan Yazar (A.B.B.Y) (English translation)

English translation

Your Love Would Redraft Me

Apparently their "I'll come";
Was their way of getting rid of my heart and my love
Apparently their "I'll come back";
Was their way of breaking promises and oaths
Apparently when they said "I'll take it";
They meant my sin and my curse
Nights are weary, sorrows are weary
Screams are weary, songs are weary
Whatever left from them wrapped around my heart
I'm waiting for their come, the only thing left is my life
Let the earth burn who cares?
No one burned like my insides
If one day i would walk off from world
Believe me your love would redraft me
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Aşkın Beni Baştan Yazar (A.B.B.Y)

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