Aşk Bitsin (English translation)

English translation

Let Love End

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Pain is enough, a farewell in every look
Love was fatigued by rose-water claps
Get out of this way before it gets worse
Burn me, release my tie
Who's to wake up, who's to to belive to this dream?
If only you love then I love more than you do
Get off my tail, don't let it cost for a century
Endure in silence, don't tell your words
You came to my heart by an unkown reasons
I didn't give place for anyone, I can't
Let this love end in the eye of God
Enough, don't let it hurt anyone...
Don't let neither lunar nor solar eclipse
Let roses huff to nightingales, not to speak
Let this love end, let prick my hands
Let it bleed, it may flow backward
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Aşk Bitsin