Ali ElHaggar - Aarosty (عروستي) (English translation)


Aarosty (عروستي)

وحياة ابوي وذراع ابوي
ورحمة امي وراس اخوي
ماتاخد السقا
حيزفها مين العروس
غير بياعين العرق سوس
من الحارة للطرقة
بدر البدور
وحورية حور
ازاي تعيش جوة الجحور
وتأكلها بالدقى
ياغصن بان
لولي السنان
مناخيرها تضوي
واصغر من النبقة
ولابد توفي بوعدها
انا بختها وسعدها
وبقولها بجرأة
مافيش عريس غيري وونيس
وللمحامي او للبوليس
لازم تقول لا
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English translation

My Bride

I swear upon my father and his fists1
I swear upon my mother's soul and my brother's head
That she will never marry the water pourer.
Who will take part in the wedding ceremony
other than the liquorice juice sellers?
From the alley and to the house's hallway
She's a full moon among moons
And a fairy of heaven
How is she to live in ditches
And eat so frugally?
Oh, you are a drumstick tree branch2
Your teeth are pearls
Her nose emanates light
like amber
and is smaller than a buckthorn fruit3
And she must fulfill her promise
I am her destiny and her happiness
And I tell her boldly
There is no groom or companion for you other than me
And to lawyers and policemen
You must say no
  • 1. It says 'arms', he's swearing upon his father's strength/power
  • 2. As in, her figure is so slender/elegant.
  • 3. What is meant is that her nose is small. Poor choice though, buckthorn fruits are, well, not the smallest. I guess it rhymes though, might be why.
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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Author's comments:

The song is being sung in the context of a tv show. One must know the characters to grasp the whole scenario, but I guess the song is still understandable on its own.