Aasan Nahin Yahan (English translation)

  • Artist: Aashiqui 2 (OST) (आशिकी 2)
  • Featuring artist: Arijit Singh
  • Song: Aasan Nahin Yahan 3 translations
  • Translations: English #1, #2, Turkish
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Aasan Nahin Yahan

Woh oh oh oh
Aasaan nahi yahaan aashiq ho jaana
Palkon pe kaanton ko sajaana
Aashiq ko milti hai gham ki saugaatein
Sabko naa milta yeh khazaana
Woh oh oh oh
Baaton se aage, waadon se aage
Dekho zara tum kabhi ho o..
Yeh to hai shola, yeh hai chingari
Yeh hai jawaag bhi
Woh oh oh oh
Jismon ke peechhe bhaage ho phirte
Utro kabhi rooh mein ho..
Hota kya aashiq, kya aashiqhi hai
Hogi khabar tab tumhein
Woh oh oh oh
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It is not easy here

Versions: #1#2
Woh oh oh oh
It is not easy to become a lover here (in the world)
to ornament eyelids with thorns
A lover gets the gift of sorrows
Not everyone receives such treasure
Woh oh oh oh
beyond words,beyond promises
you should see that
it is flames,it is spark
it is also a wild fire
Woh oh oh oh
you keep running behind the bodies
try to go down into (someone's) soul ever
what is a lover,what love is
then you will get to know it
Woh oh oh oh
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