あばれ太鼓 ~無法一代入り~ (Abare taiko muhō ichidai iri) (English translation)

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Furious drums (alternative version)

Will I be naked when I die?
If that's a dream, this is a dream too
I don't want to grumble, I was raised in Genkai
As a man, I devote my life to compassion
Hitting the drum furiously
Is that the sound of the waves in Genkai
When the Kuroshio current blows?
Or is the furious hit of the drums
Resounding in the Gion Matsuri?
A thread of love sways tied
To the red paper lanterns
Matsugoro, a cherry blossom among flowers
Is a wild horse striking powerfully
When they think he'll use the right, he uses the left again
When their drumsticks burn in flames
It's sea spray flying about the rapids
In pride, bravery and arms
He's a chivalrous man in a lawless generation
The lights of the turret drums sway
Here comes the summer where all wear the same yukata
Nobody beats me in handling the drumsticks
Why my man's heart is misunderstood?
I'm the well known Muhoumatsu of Kokura

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Author's comments:

The title in parenthesis is literally translated as "Contains lawless generation", but I labeled it "alternative version" since the sencond stanza has different lyrics

あばれ太鼓 ~無法一代入り~ (Abare taiko muhō ichidai iri)

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