Xavier Naidoo - Abschied nehmen (English translation)

English translation

Saying Good-bye

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Yesterday I heard the news
It almost destroyed me
Because nobody could tell me what happened
None of us were still there
They told me that you were fine
Why didn’t I ever ask you myself
You would have been someone great no doubt
And for some reason I begrudged you that
I didn’t get to say good-bye
I will never forgive myself for that
How could you leave us this way
And now I will never see you again
Forgive me for all the things I said
A lot was on my mind
Forgive me and the others for not being there
Forgive me for losing control
What do we do now without our hero
We miss you and to hell with all this money
You are gone and nothing can replace you
Little brother, you will forever be missed
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Abschied nehmen