Käptn Peng & die Tentakel von Delphi - Absolem (English translation)

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Welcome in the claws of then tentacle
No going back, swallowed by the spectacle
Without compass and without oracle
a difficult debacle unfolds in front of you
You lost your legs and your ears
Professors start drilling into your body
You can't manage coming down to the floor anymore
because the room is crooked and time is curved
....as long as it's still possible
You have one second...whoops, too late
Misjudged,misplanned, missed, squandered, underestimated,
because in 2 minutes your mind will be torn apart
and renewed,
covered in syrup and burst in flames
Your heartbeat just paused
Luckily we replaced it with a beat earlier,
because this evenig we are your true carers
As a sign of our love we are slapping you in the face now
We want to see all of you naked, completely depilated
dipped into milk, mating with zebras
Drink on brotherhood with creatures of every kind
We are bacteria and that's no saying
We are bacteria and that's no saying
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