Acrimonious - Incineration Initiator

  • Artist: Acrimonious
  • Album: Eleven Dragons (track 01)
English, Hebrew, Sanskrit

Incineration Initiator

The all-permeating eye awakens under echoing chants
While its horn, it's crescent apex, integrates with Naught
While it drips its noxious nectar into the stillness of Ain
So that Ain weeps it back, distilled, as drakomorphosis' catalyst
From Nahe-mantric trance, intoxicated by veneration,
To the sulfurescent eminence of Sathanatos' throne
Cursing formulas unravel the helix of the thousand eyes
Leading to the sovereign crown of Chavajoth
Oh Satan, bestow upon me Thy regal sword to wield
The very blade that branded me as nemesis
Against the mockery of the thought-foul usurper
The one that dared bedim thy Light Divine
And how else would I welcome thy Gift,
Save for in delirious exaltation and reverence?
As I incarnadine its edge with thy enemies' blood
To peel the crumbling mask of the utopian slumber
Pyrorgasmic tongues refine my pneuma to elevation
To coruscate, reflecting the Sun above all suns
And igniting thy primordial eternal beacons
With the harvested opfers to serve as kindling
Silence's purity embraces their despondent shrieks,
As the diss-archonic notes of a maleficent sonnet.
The stench of their conflagrant tomb becomes the incense
And its smoke the impetus towards the acosmic revolt
The dawn of thy unequivocal reign draws near
For Shevirat ha-Kelim beseeches completion
When the shards of the constricting three shall fall
Like hail upon the ruins of their lethargic eden
Atah Gibor Le-ohlam Satan
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