Across the pond

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Across the pond (English) — Across the Atlantic Ocean. (Used to refer to the United States or the United Kingdom, it just depends on the speaker's location.)

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Across the pond — по ту сторону Атлантики; за Атлантическим океаном

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Translations of "Across the pond"

GermanÜber den großen Teich
SpanishAl otro lado del charco

"Across the pond" in lyrics

We fuck off and on, off and on, only ever really fuck off and on
Never see her these days cause I'm often gone
When I'm home off tour never stop for long
Back this week from across the pond
Noticed I was close to the block she's on, elevator to the floor her loft is on
Drinking whiskey, she likes vodka strong

G-Eazy - Tumblr Girls

Meet me by the well where the water, crystal clear, flows free
From deep within the great mountain towering to the sky
I will be awaiting you coming down treading the trails of elves
Bare feet, let your hair down like the mist across the pond

In dawn of time, before gods and man

Bathory - Ring of Gold

My look wanders across the pond,
My thought goes towards a person gone away
Oh… Dear <a href=" of Kaen Nakhon</a><fn>[<strong><em>Translation of French footnote #1</em></strong>] Natural pond located in the heart of the city of <strong>Khon Kaen</strong>.</fn>
He would probably
Never come back.
He has abandoned me<fn>[<strong><em>Translation of French footnote #2</em></strong>] Litt. <em>Leaving a girl</em>. In Thai, as in Laotian, personal pronouns are often replaced by nouns or adjectives qualifying the person or persons one is speaking about.</fn>, desperating,

Fon Thanasoonthorn - Tears at the foot of the golden shower tree

Girls, don't forget your pearls and all of your horses
As you make your way across the pond
Girls, don't forget your curls and all of your corsets
Memorize them in a little song

Lana Del Rey - When The World Was At War We Kept Dancing

She said "I don't care what a Limey says,
I've got to get it on
I'm not here to just see another man
Who come from across the pond."
She wouldn't heed my warning
Lord, she wouldn't hear what I said

Canned Heat - Amphetamine Annie

I went across the pond
because of the damned money
went across the ocean
my mother was sorrowful

I went and had no where to go

Kemal Malovčić - America chemerica

Whilst writing “Edwin Drood”
A train crash didn't help my mood
Still I drove myself on
With readings far across the pond
Died before I wrote Drood’s end
Sort of thing drove me ‘round the bend

Horrible Histories - Charles Dickens Song

We have such a beautiful autumn, my dear, silent and sunny.
Watch the silver thread of gossamer flowing

Two swans flow across the pond like two clouds
The man will always come back to lyrical matters
Let's go, the light is the sun is already hiding

Mieczysław Fogg - The first grey hair