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Ad amore (English translation)


Ad amore

Ero vicino a compiere,
amor, tre lustri appena
e il giovinetto strinsemi
al fianco la tua catena.
Ove città marmorea
siede fra l'onda e il monte,
cui ne' rimoti secoli
diè nome il dio bifronte,
amai, fra cento amabili
ninfe, la più cruele,
né a intenerirla varsero
i versi e le querele.
Ma quando, ohimè!, recidere
vidi le aurate chiome
e il nome udii di Doride
cangiato in altro nome,
e austera in faccia chiudermi
l'inesorabile porta,
dissi fra il pianto e i palpiti:
la mia sperenza è morta!
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To Love

My love, I was barely
fifteen years old
and the young boy1 tightened
your chain to my hips.
There, where a marble city2
lays between waves and mountains,
to which in ancient centuries
the two-faced god3 gave his name,
I loved, among a hundred lovable
nymphs, the cruelest one;
and neither poems nor moans
served to soften her.
But when, oh alas!, I saw
her golden hair being cut
and heard the name of Doris
changed into another name,
and (I saw) the austere door4
being inexorably closed in my face,
I said, between tears and heartbeats:
my hope is dead!
  • 1. Cupid
  • 2. Genoa
  • 3. Janus
  • 4. The monastery door
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© Marco Serra

Submitted by HampsicoraHampsicora on Thu, 23/06/2022 - 18:10
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florboxflorbox    Thu, 23/06/2022 - 22:31

Thank you. So. Things are not as tragic as you said. Nevertheless I removed the translation..You kept metonymies ( hips, waves) as they are without turning them into: "me" (my body) and "sea" respectively.. My main concern has to do with the hair. It's not a common haircut. Having a certain amount of your hair cut is a part of the religious ritual/ ceremony, during which a woman becomes a nun. They also give her a new name. And of course the door of the closed for all young lovers Tongue smile So, I suggest you keep it as "when I saw your golden hair being cut".

HampsicoraHampsicora    Fri, 24/06/2022 - 06:56

I agree, you are right. Thanks for making me note this detail, it gives more sense to the whole song.

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