Ad rem

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Ad rem (Latin) — To the thing. To the matter at hand figuratively. To things that are relevant or pertinent. An attorney can be admonished, rebuked by the judge for making comments not 'ad rem'. Things that are subjective, suggestive, to sway (attempt to alter their decision) a jury. This is a contrasting phrase 'argumentum ad hominem'.

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Ad rem — по существу дела, к делу

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"Ad rem" in lyrics

En ik zei: Praat Amsterdams met me, ff Amsterdams met me,
'K heb geen sjoege van wat jij me hier staat te verkopen.
Misschien ben ik wat ad rem.
Maar je accent is ook al niet te pruimen.
Dus praat normaal wordt gallish van je stem!

Ponkers - Praat Amsterdams met me

Putō bonum
Frēn'amittere'sse, modo semel

Sī deors'ad rem qu'ūtor possum tē secō
Time'ut nihil bonum tuī restet

Evanescence - Frēn'Amittere

et opus Salomonis
fraude rapis predonis,
si certius inspiciam
ad rem condicionis!

Carmina Burana - In Gedeonis area (37)