Serdar Ortaç - adam gibi (English translation)

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Like A Real Man

Why did my feelings for you changed into negative?
Why are your emotions always unreal?
For whatever reason we always shared happiness from the distance
Love is like an ocean full of pain Im confused which door to take
A strange despair is surrounding me
Have I learned my lessons or has everything become ordinary?
Be bravehearted like a real man, stay in front of me and look into my face
Say that it was all a lie, that youve forgotten, that youve cheaten, scream it into my face
Say that you didnt liked my smell, my touch, my taste
Be proud like a dog in the streets Regular smile and yell it into my face
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Toobish    Wed, 30/05/2012 - 15:09

He says "like a real man" to a woman ´cause in turkish it is sometimes used to describe a brave or strong person both for woman and man.