Hamdan Elbloushi - Adhak (أضحك) (English translation)


Adhak (أضحك)

اضحك وفي داخلي نار
لكني اخفيت المواجع
شلي جرالك ش الذي صار
لابد لك نفسك تراجع
هذا الزمن هذا الزمن هو حيل جبار
ما ينفعك ما ينفعك طبع التواضع
والي لعب والي لعب بإيده مع النار
يصبر على يصبر على جمر المواجع
اكبر غلط حبيت غدار
وانا انصدمت انه مخادع
عيشني انه يحب ويغار
مثّل علي زاد المواجع
قلبي ابتلى في حب مكار
ضاقت على صدري الوسايع
بعد الغدر بعد الذي صار
انساه يا قلبي
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I laugh

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I laugh with a fire within me
but I concealed the pain
what's gotten into you? what's happened?
you have to contemplate
this time, this time is extremely cruel
it doesn't do it for it, it doesn't do it for you to be humble
and he who played, he who played with fire with his own hand
has to bear, has to bear with the burning pain
the biggest mistake was loving a betrayer
and I was shocked to know that she was a player
convinced me that she loved me and that she was ardent
she acted and made my pain worse
my heart was plagued by loving a deceit
my heart lost all hope
after the betrayal, after what's happened
my heart, forget about her
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