Tereza Kesovija - Adio amore mio (English translation)

Croatian (Chakavian dialect)

Adio amore mio

Umriću ja
Od ljubavi
Bez tila tvoga
Jer cili svit
vene ka cvit
kada te nema
Svu mora sol
suze i bol
Ostavi meni
Ja plakat ću za dvoje
kad odnese te more
Jer ti si život moj
Adio, adio, adio
Adio, amore mio
Ljubavi, adio
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English translation

Farewell My Love

I'll die
From love
Without your body
'Cause the whole world
whithers away like a flower
when you're gone
Leave me
all of the sea salt
tears and pain
I'll cry for the both of us
when the sea takes you away
'Cause you're my life
Farewell, farewell, farewell
Farewell, my love
My love, farewell
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