Tormenta - Adios chico de mi barrio (English translation)

English translation

Goodbye boy of my neighbourhood

Goodbye boy of my neighbourhood,
where are you going so hurried
you pass on bike,
I can't reach you
If you go by the neighbourhood
ask to my song
in what place of the street
your kiss hid today
If you come to my door
sleep between my arms and rest now
hold my waist
that we'll scape by the roofs
let's dance
la la ra la la la la, a la la ra la la la la
Boy of my neighbourhood
flowers in the hair and shoeless feet
boy of my neighbourhood
with dirty face and long hair,
tell me that finally we'll play
to the freedom of love
in some corner of my house
I'm waiting for you
If you pass by my streetside
and you play with my skirt, yeah
gift me your smile,
sow stars in my belly.
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Adios chico de mi barrio