Adjuro vos, filiae Jerusalem (English translation)


Adjuro vos, filiae Jerusalem

In lectulo meo, in noctes,
quæsivi quem diligit anima mea;
quæsivi illum, et non inveni.
Adjuro vos, filiae Jerusalem,
si inveneritis dilectum meum,
ut nuntietis ei quia amore langueo.
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lyrics: Bible

set to music by Ildebrando Pizzetti (1880 - 1968), for voice and piano in "Due canti d'amore", no. 1

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I beseech you, daughters of Jerusalem

On my bed, all through the night,
I have been seeking him whom my soul loves;
I have been seeking the one, and I have not found him.
I beseech you, daughters of Jerusalem,
if you find my beloved,
that you tell him that I am sick with love.
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