Luan Santana - Adrenalina (English translation)

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My heart's on fire, my body's addicted
This crazy adrenaline makes me shiver, my blood
boils in my veins when you give me fire, come love me.
I'm so in love with you, the chemistry is perfect, I don't
Understand, it's impossible to tell, you create
The rules and I'm in the palm of your hands
I'm taking risks for your love, I ventured to stay
Close to your heat, our love is inconsequential, every
Day a new emotion
This way my heart will not last at all.
When you get closer, you will see that the pulse Accelerates when I'm with you, this spell comes in and dominates
My chest explodes, it's pure adrenaline
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Author's comments:

Vidrado = literally glaze, slang term for "in love."



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