Wisin - Adrenalina (English translation)

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I like when you get excited and hit me! 1
You're seduction at the hour of dancing.
This fire that you have in your hips,
could make any man go crazy.
Your body
is pure adrenaline the traps me inside!
You've got me on the verge of going crazy!
Raise the adrenaline!
Okay, there's a crazy sensation en your body!
You feel like you're losing control!
Jennifer Lopez!
Listen, baby if only you knew
that you have something that makes me shake!
Your moves accelerate me!
When we start, I can't stop!
You take control of my feelings when you look at me!
When you touch me, I start to tremble.
A kiss from you is like my medicine.
Take me to the sky to fly!
If you were to leave, I don't know what I would do.
What we start, we have to finish.
Let's make love again like we did that day.
Take me to the sky to fly!
Give me a minute, with you, I'll enjoy.
It wraps me up and leaves me roughed up.
If you give me the green light, I'll execute.
If you are the boss, I'm your recruit.
Let it happen, hot!
Let the time go by!
She makes the environment hot, she hits and whispers in my ear!
Abuse and lead me on, the most expensive skirt combined with the blouse.
She plays with my mind like an intruder, I tell her what to do, and she doesn't refrain,
Give me more, I'll take you on the ship if you go,
and perhaps, you'll tell me that you want more.
More, I want to know what you give!
  • 1. The Spanish words here are actually "cuando se excita y me pegas"
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