Carminho - Contra a maré (English translation)

English translation

Against the tide

I row against the tide by day,
So much so that I risk to hurt my feet,
It could be a way to avoid the daylight
To wander at night in the moonlight, it could well be.
At night, through the shadows
The rivers, the waves run away
I am like a fish, but a blade
Of moonlight flickers
To prevent you from hiding.
I love to rise at dawn in my own good time
But I need a sunshade for my soul
My songs cannot be made by day,
Brightness works as an intruder, did you know?
At night lights dance
Above the star, come see them.
I am like a cunning shadow,
turning itself into a ballerina,
That dances with them.
Whereas a translation is presented as 'singable', it's by no means intended to be a literal version of the lyrics in another language. It just aspires to be a rhythmical, sometimes also rhyming, rendition of the text, so that different words can be sung along to the music, keeping the original meaning as much as the syllable count makes it possible .
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Contra a maré

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