Ağır Roman OST - Ağla Sevdam (English translation)

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Cry my darling

Cry my darling, cry
Cry, the world is tormentor
Cry, don't hold back your tears, cry
Cry, cry
These four walls are like vicious circle
Soul has tired in her home, the soul flies
The caravanserai, the palaces have become deserted
Take me,
I have an oath,
I've burnt to ashes, I've burnt out
Wrap me up in your fire
Wrap, wrap me up in yourself
Wrap, wrap
You are a part of me
Unawared birds flies away,
Nights are full of pain
Tears have flooded my face
I'm behind the rainy wall
I'm in love with you, I'm so much in love with you
Come out, I'm staying on the ways
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Ağla Sevdam

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