Tamer Ashour - Agmal Helm (اجمل حلم) (English translation)


Agmal Helm (اجمل حلم)

ولا بنساك ولا ثانيه وكل دقيقه والتانيه
بفكر فيك وانا وياك حبيبي انت اللي بالدنيا
تفوت ايام وبتعدي وحبك ليا مش قدي
بحبك حب مش موجود ملوش وصف وكلام عندي
عارف ايه احلي حاجه حصله ليا اني منك وانت برضو بتجري فيا
انت اخر كل يوم بخدك في حضني وانت اول كل يوم شايفاك عينيا
يا اجمل حلم انا حلمته واحساس غالي صدقته
واقولك ايه يا اغلي حبيب واجمل حلم حققته
في قلبي هواك معيشني بعيش ليك وانت بتعيشلي
بقيت عشقي ولما تغيب عينيك عني بتوحشنى
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English translation

Most beautiful dream

I don't forget you, not even for a second. From minute to the other....
... I think about you, even when I'm with you, my love. To me you worth the whole life
Days go on n' your love is not as much as mine1
My love has no similar. I love you in an incomprehensible, indescribable way
Do you know what is the best thing I've been through? That I'm yours and that you run in my veins2
You are whom I hold tight every night, whom I see with my eyes every early morning
O you, sweetest dream I've ever dreamed and a precious feeling that I've believed in
What can I tell you, my most precious love n' the most beautiful dream that became true?
Your love in my heart is the reason why I live. I live for you n' you live for me
You became my passion. I miss your eyes once you're not around
  • 1. I love you more than you love me
  • 2. Literally: run in me
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