Ai tot timpul (English translation)


Ai tot timpul

Haide, bade, scoal-odată,
Pune mâna pe lopată,
Sapă groapa mai adâncă,
Până lupii te mănâncă,
Ai tot timpul!
Haide, bade, nu mai sta,
Sapă ca la groapa ta!
Mai cu suflet, mai cu viaţă,
Până lupii te înhaţă,
Ai tot timpul!
Duce-ţi-aş cadou frumos -
Coşciugel de chiparos.
Duce-ţi-aş cadou comod -
Coşciugel din lemn de pod...
Din lemn de pod?
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You've got all the time

Come on, man, wake up at once
Put your hand on the shovel
dig a deeper hole
until wolves are eating you,
you've got all the time!
Come on, man, don't just stand there,
Dig as if you're digging your hole!
More soul, more life
until wolves are biting from you,
you've got all the time!
I may give you a beautiful present -
little cypress coffin
I may give you a confy present -
little coffin made of wood from the bridge
Wood from the bridge?
Submitted by MariusIonescu88MariusIonescu88 on Thu, 04/02/2021 - 23:49
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