آخر لقا (Akher lega) (English translation)


آخر لقا

جيت وادري هذا هو آخر لقا..
جيت أبدا من نهايتنا الشقا
جيت أحفظ كل ملمح فاتني
فيك لجل اقوى أعيش اللي بقا
جيت مخفي دمع سال بداخلي
قد سمعْت بعاشقٍ دمعه رقى؟
لاتبرر لا توضّح ماخفا
ماخفا باين على وضح النقا
كنت تعشق صفو وقتي وقوتي
وجار وقتي وصار عشقك يُنتقى
ما ألومك هكذا طبع البشر
يرتوي الظامي ويُنسى اللي سقا
رحلة العشاق ما فيها رجوع
وفي المفارَق ما يصيرون أصدِقا
جيتك وقلبي يبي يلقى حبيب
ويا عذاب القلب ممّا بك لقى
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Last date (meeting)

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I showed up and I know this is our last meeting
I came to start suffering from our end
I came to memorize every detail of you
So that they give me strength to go on living
I came hiding the pouring tears deep inside of me
Have you ever heard of a lover who's too proud to cry?
Don't justify or explain what's hidden*
The hidden is already crystal clear to me
You used to love me when I was strong in my happy days
Now that I'm in hardship you're too selective in your love**
I don't blame you, so is man
The thirsty is given water and the giver of water gets forgotten
There's no way back to the journey of lovers
In the end, they don't become friends
I came to you hoping my heart will find in you a lover
But how much it suffered from the things it did actually find in you
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Author's comments:

* Or what I don't know
**roughly means: you used to love me (all of me) when I was at my best and now that the tables have turned and I'm unhappy (or even not successful or young) you choose what to love or not.

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