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Aklım Gider Aklına (English translation)

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My mind goes to her mind

Whoever loves hard crosses the road by hard
You're hard though my way increases
Love ruins everyone
My hand writes everything it keeps quiet to her
What is your heart's problem with my heart
It hurts me whenever it wants
Even though i want,
Even though you say come
Mistakes are made once for me
My mind goes to her mind
Because my mind is in love with her mind
I promise to your fortune
I'll be set up in your heart
My mind escapes from your mind
Because your mind is clever than mine
Look, tomorrows pass by
Look, all loves are half in this era
Most of me is gone, few of me are left
You were most of me, i am hurted
I wanted always, never happened
I played hard
Time took us from each other
Then we have nothing left
I wanted always, never happened
I played hard
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Aklım Gider Aklına

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